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 sciphone i68 help

2.1 How to load the battery
Press the battery cover and then slide down to remove it; place the battery inside the battery slot with the top of the battery facing down, press the battery to fit into the slot and then slide up the cover.
2.2 How to remove the battery
Long press the functional key and slide the directional key to power off; press the battery cover and slide down to remove the battery cover; push down the battery so that it becomes loose; so now you can remove it.
2.3 How to insert your SIM card
In the following operations, make sure that your phone is power off and not charging.
There are two SIM card slots in this phone. You can use only one SIM card as well.
Remove the battery cover and the battery and then insert the first SIM card in the slot at the bottom. Make sure that the nicked corner of the SIM card is to be placed at the upper right corner and the side with metal contact points facing up. If necessary, insert the second SIM card in the slot on the top. Make sure that the nicked corner of the SIM card is to be placed at the upper left corner and the side with metal contact points facing down.
Double-card single standby: This phone incorporates the advanced technology of double card single standby, which is a brand new high-tech that gives you the convenience to switch between two telephone numbers as you wish. It is very useful for those who need to separate their personal life from their work. To use this function, just make your preference settings in phone setting and select "line switch".
Your SIM card keeps your telephone numbers, PIN, PIN2, PUK, and PUK2, network information, phone book and SMS data. Please use your SIM Card carefully and avoid scratching and bending your SIM card. Keep it out of the reach of your children.
2.4 How to remove your SIM card
Power off, remove the battery cover and the battery, and push the SIM card outward until fully pushing it out. Power off before removing the battery; or else you may lose some settings or data that are stored on the SIM card or on the phone.
2.5 How to recharge the battery
This phone uses rechargeable lithium battery:
(1) Connect one end of the charger to a socket and the other to the power/data port of your phone and make sure that the plug and the socket should match in correct direction. When charging, you can see the charging icons rolling, until the battery is fully charged.
(2) Unplug the charger and remove from the socket after charging.
(3) You can also take out the battery from your phone and charge it in the charger.
(1) You can also use the phone while charging but it will prolong the time of charging.
(2) When the battery is completely exhausted, it takes some time to re-display the charging texts, depending on the degree of exhaustion.
(3) After charging, you can still connect your phone to the charger; the phone will check the power condition and re-charge automatically when it is not fully charged.
(4) The phone will automatically power off when power is insufficient.
(5) Do not charge your phone when the battery is not loaded.
(6) Do not throw your battery into a fire ort place in high-temperature environment. (7) Never try to disassemble or reconstruct the battery.
(8) Avoid crush and impact.
(9) Stop using your battery if there is any crack, deformation or damage of any form or leakage of electrolyte.
(10) If leaking electrolyte spreads on skin or clothes, please wash it with soap and clean water instantly; if leaking electrolyte gets into the eye incidentally, please flush it with water and then send the victim to the hospital for treatment.
(11) Do not use your battery in extreme low temperature, or else you may not get the optimal battery service time.
(12) Discard your battery in accordance with the prevalent law regulations, such as battery recycling. Do not discard battery as ordinary waste.
2.6 How to power on/off
(1) In power-off status, long press the functional keys until you see the screen lighted and then the power-on picture is shown. After power-on, your phone will automatically search the network. In power-on status, long press the functional keys to power off.
(2) Some SIM cards are protected by PIN code: if you see a PIN code prompt, input your PIN code and enter "OK".
Note: If you are required to enter a PIN code, enter your PIN code and press "OK". For new SIM cards, the network service provider will provide the PIN code. If there is a PUK password prompt, enter your PUK password and then press "OK" to confirm.
2.7 Insert and remove your memory card
This phone supports large-capacity TF card. TF (T-Flash) cards are also called Micro SD cards; the names vary from producer to producer.
First power off and remove the battery, push the T-Flash card slot upward and slightly pull it outward and insert your TF card into the slot with the nicked corner on the right and the metal contact points facing inward, and then cover the slot.
Note: TF card requires anti-static operation; do not place your TF card in your pocket, do not touch the metal contact points and keep it out of the reach of children. Do not try to insert or remove your TF card while power-on.

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