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 Nokia E71 screen replacement

While doing some manual labor I lifted a box only to hear a funny cracking sound coming from my pocket. I reach down into my pocket and feel that my phone is there. I don't want to even pull it out knowing how much I love this phone and how much money I payed outright to own it. Well sure enough all I is see is a half lit screen with a huge crack running down the middle. So now some curse words come from my mouth that I usually reserve for describing the local drivers that pay no attention to the road, and I can think of is how do I fix this.

I know the cost of phone repair is excessive enough to deter most people and they just suck it up and go get another phone. There is just no way I could just accept my phone is gone, the thing that carries all of my most important information and helps me kill time in what would otherwise be mind numbing situations. So first port of call was Ebay where I found a replacement screen for just under $30 including delivery.

I received the screen today and set out to pull out the old screen and replace it with my nice new one. Let me just say that this was so easy and only took about 5 minutes to do. I would advise that you get the screen that comes with the tools to do it like I did so for $30 total it just makes sense to do so. Enough with the rambling onto the easy to follow steps to replace the screen on your Nokia E71 cell phone. I have also included some pictures that I took during this process.

1./ Remove the back by pressing the clips on either side towards the bottom of the phone.

2./ Remove the battery from the phone.

3./ Using the special screwdriver that comes with the replacement screen undo the 4 silver screws on the back on either side of the battery compartment.

4./ Use a small flat head screwdriver or whatever you have to press down on the 4 clips on the back of the phone. This will release the faceplate from the phone. After you press the clips in, slide the faceplate towards the top of the phone to unhook it.

5./ Now you can see the screen and the ribbon that attaches to the top left of the phone from the screen. Gently lift the rectangle clip and the end of the ribbon to separate it from the phone.

6./ Time to be very careful now and gently pry the screen out of the metal case that holds the screen.

7./ Attach the ribbon to the top of the phone by gentle pressing the clip down onto the phone connector.

8./ Carefully push the screen back into place and pat yourself on the back all the hard work is done now.

9./ Slide the faceplate back into place and press down to ensure the clips have seated back into place and the phone looks like it did before you got your hands on it.

10./ Screw the 4 screws back into place and replace the battery. Now clip the battery cover back onto the phone and hold your breath as you press down on the power button.

Congratulations you now have you phone working again and you will once again be able to go one with your life.

Don't be scared this is so easy to do and you will be so glad you took a few minutes out of your day to fix your prized possession.

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