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Professional Diagnostic Tool KT300 (CODE: 0000061128062010)

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    • 01.) Automobile troubleshooting
      02.) Datastream waveform display/storage/contrast
      03.) Volkswagen/Audi repair technology manual
      04.) RFID key diagnosis
      05.) English-Chinese automobile dictionary
      06.) Multiple upgrade methods
      07.) Device self-testing function
      08.) OBDII test connector compatible with model test of most 16-pin diagnostic sockets

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1.1 Introducing KT300
KT300 Intelligent Diagnostic Instrument is a diagnostic device of the latest generation of Weicon. It is a perfect product integrating electronic application technology in automobile with information and network technology, characterized by structuring, standardization, modularization and sustainable development. It contains most communication protocols of original manufacturer and communication protocol of controller local area network, with strong expansibility, and various functions can be combined freely.
1.2 Functions
01.) Automobile troubleshooting
02.) Datastream waveform display/storage/contrast
03.) Volkswagen/Audi repair technology manual
04.) RFID key diagnosis
05.) English-Chinese automobile dictionary
06.) Multiple upgrade methods
07.) Device self-testing function
08.) OBDII test connector compatible with model test of most 16-pin diagnostic sockets
1.3 Features
01.) Faster running speed of system
Leading 32-bit embedded chip and selected mass memory offer you a feeling of fast speed.
02.) Higher system stability
Use of advanced development methods provides fast and stable system applications, and the stability of product is improved greatly while a great amount of model information is available.
03.) Improved system independence
Applications for test of various models, stored in a storage card, are independent of one another, enabling upgrade by model.
04.) Datastream waveform display/storage
Datastream test of automobile is shown in the datastream curve, therefore, the datastream can be accurately analyzed by observing the continuous change of datastream curve. Datastream can also be stored and played back, through which any exceptions that occurs to sensors and actuator can be found
1.4.1 Storage Environment
01.) Store the instrument where it is flat and dry, with appropriate temperature and less dust, when it is not in use.
02.) Do not place the instrument under direct sunlight or near heater.
03.) Do not place the instrument where it is near furnace or subject to smoke erosion or water or oil spills.
04.) Do not dismantle the main unit without permission. When the main unit is dirty, please shut it down, unplug the power supply, and then use soft damp cloth to wipe the housing or screen.
05.) If test operation is not conducted for a long time, please run the main unit of KT300 regularly to avoid being affected with damp.
1.4.2 Touch Screen Maintenance
01.) When calibrating touch screen, do not click it before a cross cursor appears.
02.) Please use the touch pen provided in the upper right corner of the instrument to operate touch screen, and do not use nail or other sharp articles (hard object) to touch screen surface, avoiding scratch.
03.) Do not place anything on the touch screen to avoid screen distortion and damage of internal component caused as a result of heavy pressure.
04.) Do not expose the touch screen to direct sunlight or ultraviolet lamplight so as to lengthen its service life.
05.) Do not place the instrument near an electronic device which may produce electromagnetic wave interference to avoid affecting oscillograph effect.
06.) Since screen surface gathers dust due to static electronicity, it is recommended to buy special cleanser and wiping cloth for LCD to clean the screen. Do not use other chemical cleanser or clean the screen by hand.
1.4.3 CF Card Maintenance
01.) Do not pull out CF card when the main unit is running. Pull it out after shutting down the main unit and attention should be paid to magnetic prevention.
02.) When conducting on-line upgrade using CF card, do not pull it out arbitrarily when card reader is running, which may cause data loss. The correct way to pull out CF card is as follows: in Windows desktop, open ?y Computer?window, right-click ?ovable Disk? select ?ject?option in the pop-up menu, and then you can pull out the CF card.
03.) When the CF card of KT300 is damaged and the programs in it cannot run, you can re-make a CF card in the following steps:
01.) Login on (KT300 download area of Weicon) through user name and password, download KT300 upgrade tools, display program and system database to your PC by selecting corresponding product serial number. The diagnostic programs of various vehicles can be downloaded as required.
02.) Install KT300 upgrade tools to your PC.
03.) Format CF card of KT300.
04.) Just upgrade the display program, system database and diagnostic program to your CF card by running KT300 upgrade tools.
1.5 How to Get Help
KT300 provides users with powerful random help and on-line help functions.
In the actual test, there is a ? Help button on the interface to provide help information of the current screen for operation. If you would like to know the latest products of Weicon or diagnostic information of other automobiles

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